Artists / 2018 Cowgirl Up!

Ann Huston

“I have long been inspired by the Northern New Mexico landscape, the high desert- the high-altitude light. I love the mysteries surrounding the old places, the adobes, the moradas and churches, but most of all, I love sensing the history of a place: every place seems spirited in many ways. Sometimes when out in the ‘field’ when getting my sketch, I notice things that may not make perfect sense- the light: here, there and everywhere- the shadows: this way and that- it’s so interesting and never dull. I keep to the initial ‘sensing’ as my tool to portray the mood I’m after. It’s not necessarily a true depiction of the scene, or is it a made-up depiction, but instead somewhere in between, to express the essence of what I am feeling. That could be a reason my work has often been described as dreamlike.”

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