Artists / 2018 Cowgirl Up!

Carol Swinney

Carol Swinney paints with a palette knife instead of a brush, not only for the heavy paint textures and the uniqueness of the tool, but for the depth that is created in her landscapes. “A painting knife gives rich, clean colors and is like sculpting a painting” she says. “Contrast, composition and lighting capture my attention while on location, so I paint when colors are rich and light is more dramatic.” Carol prefers to paint in many locations, primarily in Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming as well as in her studio in Casper, Wyoming or Tucson, Arizona.

Carol Swinney, "Sunset Eve", oil on canvas, 18w x 15h (framed), $1,300

Carol Swinney, "Canyon Journey" oil on canvas, 18w x 16h (framed), $1,400

Carol Swinney, "Thimble Rock", oil on canvas, 13w x 15h (framed), $1,000

Carol Swinney, "Setting Sun", oil on canvas, 15w x 18h (framed), $1,300

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