Artists / 2018 Cowgirl Up!

Karmel Timmons

As a child, Karmel Timmons loved a new box of crayons and a big piece of paper to draw on, and while she has changed her medium, she still loves to draw (and paint). As a young adult, freshly arrived in rural Colorado, the mountain and prairie landscapes and the animals that filled them inspired Karmel to put pencil to paper and “draw what she saw” every day – horses and cattle – and thus began her career as an artist. Now, after almost 30 years in Colorado, the time is right for a change of scenery; a return to a quiet, country setting with views of the Big Horn mountains and the plains of northern Wyoming – providing a new source of inspiration.

Combining her ability to capture detail, texture, and mood in pencil, with her admiration for her equine subjects, resulted in a career as a professional artist that has spanned nearly 20 years.

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