Sally Delap-John | New Mexico

I took a leap of faith in 2007, moving from central California to northern New Mexico.  I had been a member of a well-established gallery in Fresno and a founding member of a co-op art gallery that lasted 15 years and was still going when I left to make my own way in Truchas, New Mexico.  Here in Truchas, I have established my gallery and presence as a roadside attraction and destination.

Truchas is one of several Spanish Land grant villages along the High Road to Taos.  In my opinion, it is the most beautiful in location with the Truchas Peaks over 13,000 feet, over-looking the village in the east and an open view of the Rio Grande Valley to the west.  The village has remnants of the early adobes, including the church, dating from the 1750s.

After 20 years of painting watercolors, I learned to complete a painting quickly and completely in one session, as I now paint with oils.  There are vibrant colors to choose from and paint can be applied directly and thickly, leaving the texture of the strokes to add to the composition.  Each subject, whether it is an adobe structure or village or landscape is interpreted in “light, dark, and warm cool”

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