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House, DG

Bozeman, MT |

“It is my honor and utter joy to be a professional visual artist. As an Indigenous creative, I’ve made it my job to produce art that represents the wildlife and people who don’t often have a voice in our society. I’m incredibly fortunate that as Artist in Residence in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks I spend a large part of my time with wildlife in wildlands.

“Inspiration is everywhere in my world. After twenty-five years as a painter I’ve never run out of ideas. Each piece I create is based on a real-life encounter with perhaps a grizzly walking on a trail, a wolf hunting in a valley or a moose feeding in the river. Whatever the interaction, each painting is a story.

“The challenge and joy marry in the studio. I’m aware of what I’m putting into the world and the message I’m presenting. Every artist is an educator. As a native artist, I believe I have my personal ancestors and all people who came before in my workspace with me. I have a responsibility to them and a responsibility to you to offer thoughtful work.

“I’m inspired to paint in the colors of the Rocky Mountains.  I’ve embraced this palette based on traditional earthen paints created by the First People. I use water-based oil, acrylics, pastels and colored pencils to apply multiple layers for deep color and depth.

“My work often includes my trademark geometric borders. Although I use this border for composition and color placement, its main purpose is an honoring of the ancestors. The patterns are reminiscent of the designs used on Native American par fleche; traditional raw hide pouches used for storage and transporting items.

“My heart beats a little faster every time I walk through the door of my studio. I never take my career and opportunities to make art for granted. What I feel is, lucky me.”

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