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Donna Smyth

Donna Smyth grew up in Florida where her days were spent at the horse pasture behind her home. After college, she lived for six years in in Zurich, Switzerland, traveling extensively throughout Europe and finding inspiration from the many major European museums she was able to visit.

Smyth resides in Southern California. Since 2012 she has attended Watts Atelier in Encinitas, California on a regular basis, taking classes for six years prior to weekly cooperative painting in studio with Jeff Watts.

When not in front of the easel, Smyth is an equestrian groom at White Horse Eventing, the training barn of her daughter Chloe, who is a professional athlete.  She also keeps a couple of retired horses in her backyard, which she refers to as her muses.

NEW. Picasso & Spirit Dancer, oil on linen, 34.5 x 30, $5,400
SOLD. Doe-Eyed Buckskin, oil on linen, 26 x 28.25, $2,500
SOLD. Cimarron’s Wind Dreads, oil on linen, 24.5 x 29, $2,500

Sun Daze – Moon Drinker and Bay, oil on linen, 20 x 33.5, $4,250
Wild Paint, oil on linen, 13.25 x 15.25, $900
Portuguese Lusitano Breed Study, oil on linen, 13.25 x 15.25, $900

Picasso, oil on linen, 17.5 x 21, $1,400

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