Elsa Sroka

Colorado |

“I am a Colorado native from a family of six siblings, all of whom share the love of art and design. Mostly self-taught, my work is based on instinct rather than theory.

“I paint a variety of subjects, all exude a forward-thinking, contemporary attitude. I am probably best known for my bovine inspired work.

“In my cow series, expression is the most important element; infusing the subject with personality. Emotional connection is necessary before painting can begin. I find inspiration in imagining cows in unconventional settings; a conscious departure from the traditional context found in much western art. Believing the ordinary subject becomes significantly more intriguing when misplaced, inviting the viewer to pay attention through the element of surprise. This idea can apply to many different subjects, encouraging appreciation of the more subtle qualities of beauty.

“As I paint, I literally feel like I am bringing these animals to life on my canvas.”

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