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For more than 25 years Carrie Fell has been electrifying collectors, galleries, and enthusiasts, alike, with her highly contemporary portrayals of the West. While many artists will not be recognized in their lifetime, that renown museums across the country have Carrie Fell originals on permanent display secures her provenance as one of the greatest contemporary artists of her time. Each Carrie Fell piece is unique, yet all are recognizably part of a continuing story.

Carrie initially drew on her experiences as a Colorado native and Western influence as the basis for her iconic cowboys, riders, and bar scenes. Over time, as her hometown of Denver has evolved, so, too, have her subjects and the medium by which she conveys those changes. Whether it be the quintessential material of the West, sophisticated abstract extractions of DESIGNLINE, the nostalgic mood of MODERN SOCIAL or the dynamic NEON COWBOYS, Carrie’s work is always classically elegant, yet highly contemporary. Carrie’s work speaks to people in a way that draws them back again and again – the emotion, the movement, the shape, line, colors, and textures – inviting them to a mesmerizing story that plays out on canvas. Few artists can capture this essence over their lifetime; Carrie has always had that connection.

Finally, in 2020, Carrie published “The ART of CARRIE FELL and the Chronicles of Ruby Copper: A Retrospective Review 1994-2020,” encompassing 560 pages and more than 400 carefully curated images, highlighting her illustrious career. This impressive work spans the evolution of her traditional icons of the Western landscape, while also showcasing her early talent with pen and ink, watercolor, and oils, culminating with pieces commissioned by the International Ski Federation (FIS) for the 2015 World Championships.

From her earliest accolades and inclusion in prominent galleries and museums, through the myriad commissioned works, to her book, Carrie has constantly evolved and looked for new ways to reach her audience – always delivering art that is authentic, accessible and personal.

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