Stephanie Hartshorn | Colorado

With a fascination for science and both a father and a grandfather who worked as civil engineers, artist Stephanie Hartshorn had an almost mandatory detour through an engineering major, followed by a fulfilling decade in architecture before taking her first painting class. The first time Indian red mixed with Phthalo blue, it felt like a road home.

“I consider my paint as a sculptor might her clay. Each brush stroke takes on a form of its own and, in the end, creates textures that explore and express an object or scene.” Her panels rarely sit static in the easel; she turns them sideways or upside down throughout the process – sometimes even laying them flat on the floor – exploring ways to layer and move paint. “What I’m tapping into is a dynamic experience of weaving an image together, of building it.”

A fifth-generation Coloradan, her subjects fall into diverse camps. First, the West where she grew up around an iconic landscape of barns, fields, and crisscrossing power lines. Second, the West that grew up around Route 66.

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