DG House | Montana

“It is my honor and utter joy to be a professional visual artist. As an Indigenous creative, I’ve made it my job to produce art that represents the wildlife and people who don’t often have a voice in our society. I’m incredibly fortunate that, as Artist in Residence in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, I spend a large part of my time with wildlife in wildlands.

“Inspiration is everywhere in my world. After 25 years as a painter, I’ve never run out of ideas. Each piece I create is based on a real-life encounter with perhaps a grizzly walking on a trail, a wolf hunting in a valley, or a moose feeding in the river. Whatever the interaction, each painting is a story.

“The challenge and joy marry in the studio. I’m aware of what I’m putting into the world and the message I’m presenting. Every artist is an educator. As a Native artist, I believe I have my personal ancestors and all people who came before in my workspace with me. I have a responsibility to them and a responsibility to you to offer thoughtful work.”


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