Artists / 2019 Cowgirl Up! Artists

Kathy Beekman

Bailey, CO

Kathy Beekman, a soft-pastel painter whose work emerges from the West and Midwest country sides, lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where her home and studio are perched at 8,600 feet. The vastness of the natural landscape in Colorado inspires her work. Her paintings reflect how she thinks and feels about her environment.

When painting, she uses no tools other than her fingers and has been referred to as the “Master Finger Painter of the West”.  Kathy moves easily between large and small canvas sizes, while paying close attention to space and color to elicit a sense of serenity, solitude and nostalgia that draws the viewer into her paintings with the peaceful narratives she creates. Once, running out of her regular paper, she resorted to the black paper she had on hand. The application of soft pastel to the black paper caused the color to “pop.” Now, she uses black paper exclusively and blends the pastel dust into the paper’s tooth to obtain a clean non-textured look.

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