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Laura Koller

Grand Junction, CO |

Laura Koller was raised on an old-fashioned family farm surrounded by the warmth of three generations.  Watching and learning from her parents, both professional artists, Laura developed a desire to become an artist herself.

Immersed in various creative pursuits, Laura earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in classical music. Laura and her husband eventually settled in Colorado where she began cultivating skills in drawing and painting. Laura enjoyed painting still life, ultimately focusing her attention on trompe l’oeil and studying artists of that genre.  Trompe l’oeil is French for “fool the eye”.  When viewing one of Laura’s paintings, it is difficult to determine whether a photograph is truly painted!  Her passion today is designing trompe l’oeil compositions while incorporating stories that may lie within the antique photographs of the American West reproduced in her work.  The ordinary and extraordinary lives of American westerners are a constant source of inspiration.

“I enjoy learning about the history of the American West.  Antique photographs are reproduced as part of my artwork so it is essential to ensure the artifacts I use match the time frame of the photographs. This can lead me into sometimes long and varied research of the time period, individuals in the photographs, the photographer, or the way of life of particular geographic regions or groups of people. Above and beyond the enjoyment and challenge of creating a quality piece of artwork, the subsequent knowledge I gain brings me closer to the past with a constantly increasing appreciation of the people and events of the era. What I treasure most throughout this journey is bringing small slices of history into the present and hopefully preserving them for future generations.”

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