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Linda Budge

Carefree, AZ |

“I can’t imagine doing a painting without an animal or bird of some sort.  It has been a constant theme in my art, and it is foremost in my mind when I start a new painting.

“Years ago, when I was a little girl, I would ride my bike to the Hogel Zoo to visit Alice an Asian elephant.  I was enthralled with her.  I  would always share my peanut butter and jelly sandwich with her thinking to myself that one day I would own an elephant.

“Well, I may not own an elephant, but I can certainly draw one.  Painting an elephant or in my world today, painting a mule deer, or a coyote, a bobcat, rabbit or burro, gives me the same pleasure I had as a child watching Alice.

“I have spent countless hours in the “wild” doing plein air painting, observing and sketching wildlife.  Each piece of the puzzle adding to my portfolio of knowledge and expertise in the world of animals and art.  I want to know their expression, their attitude, how much space they occupy, what they eat, and how the seasons change their mood.

“And, since, I can’t commandeer Noah’s Ark, I can love animals by painting them; leaving a legacy of their existence and hopefully bring to the viewer the same joy that I experience painting them.”

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