Artists / 2019 Cowgirl Up! Artists

Marcia Molnar

Prescott, AZ

“I have never settled into one style or limited myself to one subject. Having the opportunity to spend time in two different places during the year has encouraged me to try new things. As an artist, I find New York to be as breathtaking as the Grand Canyon at sunset, and going through the museums, Cy Twombly’s work is as thought-provoking as Edgar Payne’s paintings are beautiful. I can see things riding the subway or on a ranch that capture my imagination. Perhaps it is being immersed in a life force so different from my own that leaves a lasting memory of light, movement, and color. The random experience has the power to evoke an emotion and then become a painting. It is by remaining flexible and open that I continue to grow as an artist and a human being. I can’t wait to find the next inspiration wherever it is!”

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