Lisa McLoughlin | Arizona

“Due to the help of an intuitive school art teacher, Mrs. Connelly, when I was 13, I discovered that I could draw. After this unearthing, the driving force behind my artistic talent was my mother. She joined my classes when shyness held me back, prodded when I hit a dry spell, and pushed when I sat back – there was absolutely no escaping her encouragement.

“I won my first art contest when I was 15, sold my first painting at 16, and won an art scholarship when I was 18.  I grew up raising and training horses and continued to learn at the feet of Western and portrait artists whenever I could. In 1993 I married a renowned horseman from Arizona, took my horses and moved to a ranch there, with endless western landscape views in every direction and that glorious sunlight that pervades the scenery.

“My husband and I run and operate an equine riding school in south-eastern Arizona. I paint from my studio at the ranch and enjoy teaching when time permits. I continue to strive to give the world a glimpse of this beauty that we call ‘The Southwest’.”

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