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Nancy Michaelson

Carefree, AZ |

“You will, most of the time, find me either in the wilderness with my outdoor studio, or painting in my home studio.  Usually there will be used, paint filled, colorful  ‘ Q tips’ (cotton swabs) on the ground around me. I use the cotton swabs to paint in  my composition, and to change, and to layer colors , and to add important light and shadow  into my work. I also use brushes!

“Painting pictures is what I have always wanted to do.  Affirmations from people and success (exhibitions, awards, opportunities,) have encouraged me in this. I have studied art, spent time with other artists painting or critiquing, received my bachelors degree in fine art and  art education, and taught art. It is amazing what a person learns as she prepares and teaches!  I love it!

“I paint more than ever now as I search for places to paint  in this unique and beautiful American West. It Is such a gift to study the various mountain ranges, rocks, colors, textures, and positions and to try to capture the feel of those special moments of change as the sky of color touches the landscape.

“Although I love to paint with other artists, most often I have been a ‘closet painter’  (I paint alone). This has made me develop a style of my own.  I realized this when I was told that I have a unique style. I quess that I do!

“Art can speak to the heart. As a painter, I push and pull the elements and principles of color, texture, harmony, balance to produce a clarity of meaning much like a musician tries out chords (color), rhythm (textures), harmony, and balance to “feel” them. I try various ways to enhance the elements  of color, value, size, etc., and to  work with harmony and balance etc. to create  meaning as well as beauty.

“I feel particularly successful if my work creates ‘Understanding and Beauty Beyond the Realism!'”

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