Artists / 2019 Cowgirl Up! Artists

Peggy Judy

Crawford, CO

Peggy Judy was born to be an artist. She realized that even as a child. Her destiny was sealed by one important fact: she was smitten by the natural beauty of her native Colorado. So, she painted and drew throughout her high school and college years. Upon graduating from Colorado State University in 1982 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a concentration in illustration, she began her professional career as an illustrator, working for various corporations and the Department of Energy, all in the Denver, Colorado area. When she married an equine veterinarian in 1988, Peggy was able to meld her passion for all things “horse” with her art, although she spent much of her time breeding, raising, training, and selling Warmblood Sport horses. Today, having raised her two children (both are accomplished horsemen!), she has more time for painting and a renewed vigor for it.

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