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Rox Corbett

Powell, WY |

Rox Corbett is an award-winning artist who uses charcoal to make detailed and textural drawings. Her subjects are mostly animals, both wild and domestic. Realism is an important aspect of these images, but she also captures the nuances of animal behavior as they react to us or to their environment. Many of her drawings are compositionally unexpected, and somewhat abstract.

Rox uses tools she has made to rub into compressed charcoal sticks and then “paints” on the paper. Chamois tools create soft and smooth textures, and coarse fabrics make coarse and scratchy ones. Compressed charcoal is rich and dark, and homemade willow charcoal sticks make a softer mark. Erasers are used to bring white details back out of the darkness.

Rox received a BFA degree from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. She lives on a ranch in northwest Wyoming with a dog, four horses, and a lot of wildlife.

“Quarter Horse Child”, charcoal on archival cotton paper, 18″ x 21″, $3,300
“Pageant Material”, charcoal on archival cotton paper, 16.25 x 25, $4,500
“Barbershop”, 2020, charcoal on archival cotton paper, 13.25×24, $4,400

“Dog Park”, 2020, charcoal on archival cotton paper, 20 x 24, $5,600
“Reclining Pig”, charcoal on  archival cotton paper, 6.75 x 17, $1,200

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