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Sam Woolcott

Bisbee, AZ |

Sam Woolcott lives and works in the historic mining town of Bisbee, Arizona. She and her artist husband, Poe Dismuke, run the SamPoe Gallery in the middle of old downtown. For fifteen years she has investigated the idiosyncratic nature of local structures and space in her drawings and paintings.

Most recently, horses and burros have caught her attention. Horses have long been a part of her life from early trail riding in pony club to show jumping in Connecticut to life on a ranch in Montana. Now they are an inspiration for this new body of art as she in looks to their inner workings and inherent beauty. As a metaphor for the spirited nature of life itself, she is letting her imagination and these horses lead the way.

As a first year participant in Cowgirl Up! 2019, she is very grateful to be invited back in 2020 and to share her new work.

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