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Susan Lynn

Massachusetts |

“Primarily a landscape painter, I am captivated by the interplay between light and land. I believe that nature is a subject that speaks to the viewer in a visceral way, tapping into universal memories, emotions, and the human connection to the world around us. I am moved by the evening light hitting a stand of prairie grasses, the movement of water, the shadows crossing a winding road. Evoking a sense of light and atmosphere is a persistent theme of my work. The early part of my career was spent working as an architectural illustrator, a practice that requires an understanding of perspective, cast shadows, reflections, and a constant study of how color behaves under varying light conditions. It was, as it turned out, a fantastic training ground for a realist painter. I work both in watercolor and oil, both en plein air and in studio. Painting en plein air affords me a keener awareness of the unique qualities of light that give one a sense of place. I take the studies, the memories, and the sensory experiences of that practice back into the studio to draw on for my larger works. When working with watercolor, I enjoy exploiting the inherently luminous quality of the transparent paint, often giving the sense that a painting is lit from within, and using it to convey the subtleties of atmospheric depth. With oils, I use repeated layers of thinly rubbed and scumbled paint to create a similar sense of illumination, combining it with the beautiful texture of heavier areas of paint.”

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