Diana Woods | Colorado

Diana Woods is a painter and sculptor who resides and works in Western Colorado. The stories and inspiration behind her work stem from her childhood memories and her grandfather’s tall tales of the Wild West. The results are rich in narrative and allegorical imagery that illustrate the parallels between human experience and the natural world.

Riding her horse in the canyons is Diana’s form of meditation, and the herds of wild horses on the Little Book Cliffs range near her home, spark her imagination. “Wild horses help us to reconnect with the rhythm of the natural world. As if holding up a mirror, they show us the beauty and nobility of our own spirit, so easily lost in the fast pace of our daily life.” Horses have been the source of inspiration through the ages. They are a symbol of courage, strength, grace and freedom. Each piece evokes the ever-evolving mediations of spirit…and the interconnectedness of horse and human.

Combining abstract elements with realism add a dimension of contrast and “push and pull” between the animals and their dreamlike surroundings. Her pieces are filled with layers of texture, luminous color, drips and gestural brushstrokes. Using various materials such as oils, acrylics, metal leaf, collage, and cold wax, she works quickly on a wood surface, allowing the images to emerge intuitively.

Woods was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. Art and horses were her passions from an early age. She studied art at William Woods College and received her B.F.A. in painting with a minor in Art History and Equestrian Studies in 1980. Since graduation, she has participated in prominent exhibitions throughout the United States and her work is in many private and public collections. In 2009, Woods garnered the attention of Southwest Art Magazine as one of 21 Over 31 Artists To Watch.In 2021, her work was chosen to be included in AcrylicWorks 8, a special edition of Artists Magazine in the The Best of Acrylic competition. Woods studio sits at base of Red Canyon on the edge of the Colorado National Monument.

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