Star Liana York | New Mexico

“When a character emerges from a work I’m sculpting, I feel touched at a deeply intimate level.  The process of creating expressive personalities which have a convincing inner life of their own is the most satisfying aspect of my art experience. I want my subjects – whether animal or human – to have a captivating, positive presence that I can feel when I have them around me.”

When she moved to the Southwest in 1985, she became enamored with the cultural diversity, wildlife, and particular aesthetics of the region.  Her sensitive portrayals of human and animal subjects continue to reveal the Western idiom to be a versatile, powerful vehicle for her creative expression and personal self discovery.

A continuing source of inspiration comes from her exploration of the native peoples of the area – Navajo, Apache, Hopi, and Pueblo – in addition to the wildlife and unique rock art. She is a part of a new group of artists who are reworking the stereotypical Western subjects.

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