Arizona Military Memories

April 22 - October 29, 2017

The people of Arizona have supported American efforts in foreign conflicts from the Spanish American War through today’s deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq. Throughout its history, Arizona has provided soldiers, workers, volunteers, training grounds, agricultural, and industrial resources for domestic and allied troops.  The success of many missions was due in part to the heroic efforts of Arizonans who answered the call of duty—whether they wore a uniform, carried a weapon, or rationed their own resources to help meet the needs of our armed forces in harm’s way.


Drawing from the collections of the ASU Library’s Archives and Special Collections and the historic collections of Wally and Maureen Potter and of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum, this exhibition invites you to look to the past to experience again the passion and dedication of those who made great sacrifices—even their lives—to answer duty’s call. Whether training domestic or international cadets, our rugged terrain and clear skies became the proving grounds for soldiers deployed all over the world.  We share our images, ephemera, artifacts, and video of Arizona’s contributions to others in times of conflict. Featured are glimpses of the Rough Riders, Doughboys from the Great War, scenes from Thunderbird Field, the creation of Goodyear airships, and the sacrifice of Pat Tillman, all originating in central Arizona.