Questers Women’s Suffrage Display

October 3-29, 2020

The Arizona Questers’ Women’s Suffrage Traveling Exhibit will be in the Cultural Crossroads Learning Center. from October 3-29, 2020. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of American women’s right to vote, the Questers have prepared a traveling exhibit that tells the story of gaining the right to vote for women in Arizona.  The topic of the women’s suffrage movement is timeless and iconic for the democratic process.  The exhibit was developed in cooperation with the Arizona Capital Museum.

The Questers  is a nonprofit international organization dedicated to keeping history alive through preservation and education. The group was founded in 1944 by Jessie Elizabeth Bardens, “to further knowledge and education about antiques, and to encourage the preservation, restoration and conservation of historic buildings, sites and antiquities.”  To find out more about the Questers visit: .