Mission + Vision

Museum mission

Share the diverse stories, cultures and experiences of the West.

Museum vision

Greater community engagement expands the understanding of values and traditions of the West.

Museum values

The Board, Staff, and Volunteers of DCWM value:

  • Sparking curiosity
  • Cultivating inclusion
  • Building relationships
  • Broadening narratives
  • Fostering mutual respect
  • Contributing to communities
  • Stewarding collections
  • Upholding environmental sustainability
  • Advancing ethics and standards
  • Acting with fiscal prudence

Strategic plan

The Desert Caballeros Western Museum is in excellent financial and organizational health. We have balanced our budgets as far back as anyone can remember-no easy task for any non-profit given the vagaries of the economy, politics, and pandemics.

Boyd Ranch Mission Statement

The Boyd Ranch of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum provides a unique facility for educational programs and equestrian activities that preserve the Western lifestyle.

Boyd Ranch Vision Statement

The Boyd Ranch will be a regionally recognized facility for educational, equestrian, and recreational activities that preserve Western heritage.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees, February 9, 2022

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