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A New Frontier - $27 million to build a new Art Museum and Art Pavilion

In its pure form, the spirit of American western philosophy reflects the relationship between people and the places that sustain them. Help us sustain—help us build—this magnificent legacy together.

Why Build a New Art Museum and Art Pavilion?

In a word, growth. Our charming local museum opened its doors in 1975 and was composed of historic artifacts, document archives, a replica of a pioneer town and a modest number of art works. Today, our art collection has dramatically increased, along with the number of visitors.

There has been a long-standing need for more gallery space to showcase our remarkable—and growing—collection of paintings and sculptures. We need to update and expand our layout to display these works of art and make it a more enjoyable and interactive experience.

Our challenge is specific.

To understand and promote the western way of life—past and present— through sculptures, artifacts and fine art. To expand our educational reach for students and adults.

To provide Wickenburg with a beautiful Art Pavilion for large and small gatherings that will benefit our citizens and bring in more visitors and events to our town.

In summary, to grow.

Where Will the New Art Museum be Located and Who Designed it?

The two-acre block of land across the street was steadily acquired over a ten-year span by piecing together ten parcels of land, culminating with a generous donation for the final two parcels. The land we now own fronts the four corners of Wickenburg Way, Tegner, Coconino, and Frontier streets.

Studio Ma, the architectural firm that designed the Scottsdale Museum of the West and has worked for the Heard Museum and Phoenix Art Museum, has developed a stunning architectural plan that marries the Old West with a new western sensibility.

What is the Building Plan?

The spacious city-block of land has been cleared and leveled. Utilities have been rerouted. Ample, dedicated parking is planned. Architectural plans are being designed and fine-tuned to encompass distinct phases of construction. We are researching the latest in state-of-the-art technologies including superior climate control. The building plan brilliantly marries authentic regional materials of the West to high-performance contemporary western expression.

How Can I Donate?

We are off to a good start. That being said, we have a long way to go.

Patrons—large and small—see the advantages a project of this magnitude and scope will bring to Wickenburg—economically, artistically, and historically.

We will increase our educational potential, meet necessary building and compliancy requirements and finally be able to give our illustrious collection of art the space it deserves. But most of all, patrons can clearly see the huge draw and potential that a prestigious, world-renowned western art museum would provide for our town. It is a blueprint for our future— our growth.

So, building this “new frontier” all boils down to us. It’s a story that we hope will appeal to individual donors, corporations, foundations and other museums. We have every belief that it will culminate in an incredible tale of a community whose legacy will endure far beyond our lifetimes. It’s a new story of the West—a new frontier—of creativity, belief and endurance.

What Happens to the Original Museum?

That may be the best part of all. We are cleanly dividing the two buildings where one will focus on art and one will focus on history. The new Art Museum will display our permanent collection and traveling exhibitions of western art, photography and sculptures. It will showcase new art exhibits, cultural events, after-hours programs and artists’ lectures. Our expansive indoor and outdoor Art Pavilion will host not only Cowgirl Up! and other art shows, but concerts, galas and other private and corporate gatherings.

The existing museum will highlight the history of the West. The stories, the town, the documents, textiles, leatherworks and more that shed light on our Western heritage. To enter the “old” museum will be like stepping into a world of days gone by, with artifacts where visitors can experience the challenges and lifestyles of the West. So, in short, our new museum will give us the HeART of the West. The original museum gives us the HiSTORY of the West.

Both will gain invaluable breathing space where visitors can appreciate both of these important western legacies. In fact, the new art museum will more than double our current building from 5,249 square feet to an impressive 12,847 square feet.

Building our western legacy together

For more information about how you can help build our new Western Art Museum, please contact Kathy Clark at 928-684-2272 at extension 108 or the individuals listed below at their email addresses.

Your gift will ensure the new Desert Caballeros Western Art Museum will live on for future generations. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.

Please contact us for more information.

Becky Rovey

Capital Campaign Chair

Daniel M. Finley

Executive Director

Kathy Clark

Director of Development

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