Mexican Folk Art: Artesanía del Pueblo

Oct 29, 2022 - Apr 28, 2024

The main gallery

Tree of Life from Izucar de Matamoros, Unknown artist. Puebla, Mexico, 1979. Courtesy of Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona. NA-MX-MX-A7-256.

Artesanía del Pueblo: Mexican Folk Art is a journey into diverse, colorful art from various regions of Mexico. Items are made for utilitarian or decorative purposes or created for celebrations, festivities, or religious rites. Pieces are a blend of indigenous and European technique and design. Artesanía represents a strong Mexican regional and national identity and invites further exploration.

Special thanks to our private lenders and the following: Amerind Museum, ASU Art Museum, Heard Museum, Tucson Museum of Art.

The exhibition was curated by Guest Curator Janet Cantley and DCWM Adjunct Curator of History Eduardo Pagán, Ph.D. Special thanks to our advisors: Julia Macias Brooks, Executive Director, Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce (ret’d), María del Rocio Rodríguez, Consul for Cultural, Community and Academic Affairs, Consulate General of Mexico in Phoenix.

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