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Apache Stories

October 30, 2021 through October 2, 2022

Desert Caballeros Western Museum is proud to host the exhibition “Apache Stories” curated by guest curator Janet Cantley and Dr. Eduardo Pagán, the adjunct curator of history at Desert Caballeros Western Museum, in the Cultural Crossroads Learning Center beginning October 30. Generously funded by Cowboy Cookin’, “Apache Stories” is an exhibition showing the continuing traditions in Apache art and culture, focusing on the Apaches of Arizona. We […]

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Bill Anton Paints the West

December 18, 2021 - March 6, 2022

“I do not see myself as a biographer of the “cowboy.” I know some artists feel they are recording a historical portrayal of ranch life today in the American West. But the focus of my work has always been mood and passion. If I’m recording anything, I’m recording how I feel about the West. I want the viewer to feel […]

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Speaking of Wickenburg


What was life like in the Old West? Experience Wickenburg just after the turn of the last century, as Arizona approached statehood. Encounter the spaces, places, and people of Wickenburg as you wander the streets of the town and visit a Victorian-era home and a Western-style ranch. The touchable exhibits explore how the people of Wickenburg learned to work with […]

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Wickenburg’s West: Adaptation / Reinvention / Transformation

Ongoing in the Quayle Family Gallery

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Henry Wickenburg’s discovery of the Vulture Mine, and the quiet beginnings of the city that bears his name. To celebrate this milestone, the Desert Caballe-ros Western Museum will unveil a new exhibition devoted to the extraordinary history of Wickenburg, from its beginnings as a mining camp to its important place on the map […]

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