Museum Mission

Share the diverse stories, cultures and experiences of the West.

Museum Vision

Greater community engagement expands the understanding of values and traditions of the West.

Museum Values
  • We exercise responsible stewardship and management of all museum resources.
  • We operate a financially stable organization.
  • We promote the highest professional standards and institutional integrity in all museum endeavors.
  • We work together as a positive team (staff, trustees, and volunteers) while respecting our different viewpoints and talents.
  • We operate with transparency to maintain and grow the public trust.
  • We provide exemplary and innovative programs and exhibitions for our diverse audiences.
  • We respect and serve our audiences by being responsive to their needs.
  • We improve our ability to interpret the Western experience by collecting and researching associated art and artifacts.
  • We creatively promote the museum locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • We provide an accessible, safe, and enjoyable museum learning experience.
  • We serve as a model and resource for leadership and innovation in the local community.
  • We form partnerships with other cultural and educational institutions to promote a deeper interest in and knowledge of Western American art and culture.
  • We foster and deepen relationships with existing and prospective donors to grow the collection and ensure the financial stability of the museum.
Boyd Ranch Mission Statement

The Boyd Ranch of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum provides a unique facility for educational programs and equestrian activities that preserve the Western lifestyle.

Boyd Ranch Vision Statement

The Boyd Ranch will be a regionally recognized facility for educational, equestrian, and recreational activities that preserve Western heritage.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees, April 18, 2011