Artists / 2018 Cowgirl Up!

Deanne Lawrence McKeown

“I often incorporate found objects in my work. Sometimes they are the beginning of an idea, sometimes they find their way into a work during the process. I am drawn to interesting associations. The animal characters in my work are frequently metaphors for human thought and behavior and often I move into realms of humor or whimsy.”

Deanne McKeown, "Apache Dancer Bell", bronze, edition of 4, 7w x 16.5w x 3.5, $990

Deanne McKeown, "Bad Hair Day", bronze, editiion of 4, 6w x 11h x 8d, $1,600

Deanne McKeown, "Spring Fever", bronze, edition of 4, 8w x 18h x 8d, $1,950

Deanne McKeown, "Songs of Ancient Wisdom", bronze, edition of 4, 8w x 13h x 5d, $1,980

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