Sherry Cobb-Kelleher


Sherry Cobb is an artist who sees no barriers between art and reality – both are vital functions of living. She is as intensely passionate about ranching and horses as she is about creating a painting. Much of Sherry’s expression and strength lies in her intimate knowledge of her subjects, as well as mastering the light on a well-built foundation of drawing and composition.

When asked about how she got started in art, Sherry says, “My grandmother painted, my mom painted, and when I was small, mom would give me a piece of paper and a pencil and tell me to draw something to entertain myself.” Sherry began drawing horses and never quit. Growing up on a farm and ranch in southwest Colorado, she was riding horses and swinging ropes when she was just old enough to hold onto a saddle horn.

Today, Sherry still lives on the ranch and is surrounded by her subject matter – horses, cattle, and wildlife. Sherry received a solid foundation of drawing, composition, anatomy, and the principles of watercolor and oils in her studies at Yavapai Community College, the Scottsdale Artists’ School, and the Cowboy Artists Association workshops.