Corey Garman


Corey loves the West, and especially Arizona. More than anywhere else it feeds her senses and inspires her to share what she experiences. The West has been her muse for as long as she can remember and it remains the most magical, the most vibrant, the most diverse, and the most mysterious of places.

She cannot remember a time when she didn’t draw and paint and while she did attend art school, her love of pretty, colored rocks started her upon what became her professional career as a fine gemstone appraiser. Corey spent many years evaluating colored gemstones based on the rarity of their color and in her time away from her microscope she taught herself to paint.

It amazes her that she can make an infinite variety of colors with oil paint just as there are an infinite number of colored gemstones. The colors of the desert are the most gem-like, they are pure, clear, and crystalline and like gemstones they change along with the light. Corey’s paintings celebrate moments in the ever-changing Western landscape and she hopes to convey the feeling of those times and places to the viewer and perhaps evoke similar memories.

Corey never tires of the Western landscape, the haunting petroglyphs, the shadows racing across the mountains and the clouds dancing in the sky. She lives in beautiful Wickenburg, Arizona with her soulmate, her pack of dogs and all of the many desert creatures that she calls her wild pets.