Artists / 2020 Cowgirl Up! Artists

Linda Glover Gooch

Mesa, AZ

A Westerner her whole life, Linda Glover Gooch grew up in the Southwest and currently resides in Mesa Arizona As a child Linda visited Southern Arizona and recalls long walks across the desert landscape, smelling the newly refreshed earth as thunderstorms in the distances created unforgettable memories. She still embraces the vast scenes that stretch across the West and has a strong connection with the landscape. Being able to share her love of the land with collectors and viewers through her paintings is truly a blessing and a privilege. “My intentions are to get the feeling of what I see, not an exact copy of it but an impression of the big picture. I prefer to work from life whenever possible.” Studying and working on location throughout the West has been her pursuit for the last 35 years.  Multiple trips and many hours on location bring new inspiration while working outdoors rejuvenates her, giving her the needed fuel and inspiration to bring life into larger studio pieces.

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