Artists / Arizona

Stephanie Campos

Tucson, AZ

Arizona native Stephanie Campos grew up in a rural desert environment, surrounded by mountains, cactus, and coyotes. Her favorite childhood activities included climbing Palo Verde trees and drawing. In kindergarten, her teacher informed her parents that Stephanie was an artist, prompting encouragement and art supplies. After creating her first realistic portrait at age 13, she found what would become her lifelong venture.

“I love studying the face. There is information to be gathered there, especially from the eyes and mouth. An endless variety of subtle differences and similarities distinguish the characteristics between individuals. Personality, mood, and emotion also add to the varying degrees of facial expression. As I gradually fill in features and endeavor to capture a likeness, I find there is never a formula to follow to shortcut my way through as shadows and highlights change, reflect and shift through movement.

“Historical figures from the old west continue to inspire me, along with an interest in my family’s Cherokee ancestry. With charcoal in hand—my tool of preference—each piece becomes a mission in pursuit of detail. It is like an exciting new adventure when I draw a portrait.”

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