Stephanie Campos


Arizona native Stephanie Campos showed an interest in drawing at a young age. Her kindergarten teacher was first to notice her natural talent for detail. At thirteen, she began creating realistic portraits in pastel, oil, and acrylic.

“With photographic reference, I challenged myself to place features as correctly as I could. It was tedious yet intriguing and consequently became my life-long passion. Over the course of time charcoal became my tool of preference; I appreciate the contrasting range of light and dark tonal values of this medium. My work, which is centered mainly on Native Americans living in the time of the old west was initially inspired by Cowboy Artists of America member R. Brownell McGrew (1916-1994). I love studying each unique face. There is information in the eyes to interpret; an expression, emotion or mood that I can only guess at. Beginning with lines and shading in form and dimension, every drawing is a gradual and exciting process.”