Lisa Danielle


From her studio in picturesque Sedona, Arizona, Lisa Danielle has been crafting luminous still- life paintings for 40+ years, bringing to light centuries of cultures of the Western frontier she loves.

Surrounded by historic ranches, Indian lands, and world-class museums, Lisa favors object that are otherwise inaccessible to most, visually preserving moments in time. Cliff dwelling ruins are with within hiking or horseback riding distance, and inspiration is virtually everywhere in her beloved red rock country.

Lisa’s ramblings, however, have led to more distant historic venues, from Montana’s Virginia City, Fort Benton, Crow Agency and many battlefields, to the back country of Death Valley, looking for traces of long past events. The inspiration given her has allowed Lisa to continue sharing her vision through Leanin’ Tree Publishing and the five galleries representing her work throughout the West. Recently, Southwest Art magazine featured her ability to express history through exquisite focus on the detail of artifacts we leave behind in “The Patina of Age”.

While Lisa Danielle’s paintings garner museum recognition, including “Best Painting” awards at the 2014 and 2022 “Cowgirl UP!” show at the Desert Caballeros Museum, where she’s been invited back 16 times, her greatest delight is not in awards. It is seeing individuals make a personal connection to a piece. When they take home that glowing bit of history preserved, and add it to their own timeline, they continue the tradition of storytelling she honors, from rock art and cave paintings, to the West of the present.