Artists / Acrylic

Lisa Danielle

Sedona, AZ

“Wickenburg was one of the first places to catch my eye while en route to somewhere else – a major traffic jam turned out to be the whole town celebrating Gold Rush Days. Not much else to do but stay and watch – and what a highlight of the trip that turned out to be!

“Thirty eight years later, I live up the road in Sedona. Having come full circle, I gather at Wickenburg’s Desert Caballeros Western Museum each spring with dozens of other gals to celebrate the cowgirl spirit that’s become my life here.

“That circle of continuity is what my paintings are about. With my hands, some pigment and a few tools, I depict what others have crafted by hand with theirs a century or a millennium ago. I sometimes incorporate their cave paintings or rock art or vintage photography into my backgrounds as the backdrop of their life’s work, which it was in their particular time, each art genre evolving and building on what came before, even as I do. And their fingerprint in clay, or in the polish on a saddle or the tarnish on silver is echoed by mine, smudging a shadow to soften its edge, adding texture to better portray a clay vessel or a rusty spur rowel.  And always with the hope that the viewer will look past mine to see those hands that came before and feel that full circle of beautiful connection.”

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