Lisa Gordon

New Mexico

Experience has given me the opportunity to take each piece through the entire process, with the exception of metal pouring. I believe it is an essential part of my work.

Lisa M. Gordon grew up in southern California where progress was measured by the continuous advancement of the suburbs. With one stable after another closing like dominoes, it was very difficult for her to keep her beloved horses. This encroachment became the early catalyst for her first bronze sculptures.

“It was only natural that the horse’s image would become my focus. As I continued my education, I began developing an understanding of my place in the art world. I constantly questioned how I related to the vast history of equine art … while simultaneously keeping in mind what my very first sculpture instructor said, ‘There is no question you have talent and that you can sculpt, but what you do with that talent becomes the real question.’ ”

In 1992, Lisa received an MFA in Sculpture from California State University in Fullerton. She worked for numerous foundries throughout the Southwest and began to experiment, pushing technical boundaries while exploring elements of motion, relationships to the landscape, and personal metaphors.