Judith Durr


Judith is a proud native of Arizona, a registered member of the Choctaw American Indian Tribe, and an internationally recognized Native American artist. Judith’s artwork tells a story by preserving American Indian legacies through her exquisite oil paintings that capture the emotions of the viewer. “Enduring Legacies” describes Judith Durr’s oil paintings.

Judith’s oil paintings reflect her mother’s inspirational beadwork and the family’s collection of Navajo rugs. Her Choctaw mother was a bead-worker and taught Judith to bead. Because of this inspiration, Judith learned the history of how beadwork came to be used in North America and on Native regalia. This history inspired Judith to carry on the legacy when she pursued oil painting. Judith taught herself how to paint the beadwork in her paintings. Her oil paintings are inspired by the use of her extensive collection of pottery, baskets, rugs, and moccasins. “I want my painted beads to look like real beads and the rugs to look like real fabric.”

Her exquisite style and dedication reflect her knowledge and attention to the history of her subjects. Her art captures a broad genre of still life, portraits, and Western and American Indian life.