Dyana Hesson


Botanical artist Dyana Hesson loves a good adventure. “I simply can’t get enough of Arizona; its sun on my face, its dirt under my feet, its colors on my pallet. The Grand Canyon state has been generous with inspiration for my 32 years as an artist, and I’m just getting started. There’s always more to explore around the next bend.”

When Dyana’s father gave her his old 35 mm film camera in elementary school, her skinned knees and grass-stained clothes gave way to a quiet appreciation of aesthetic beauty.

A hard worker but a struggling student, Hesson found her gift of painting in an art class in college. She changed her major and studied art at Arizona State University where she developed her style of applying thin layers of oil paint with very little texture.

After graduating with honors, Dyana combined her newly found skills with the work ethic of her childhood, and soon art collectors eagerly invested in her radiant paintings.

Her work is collected worldwide and her series, True Blue Arizona was featured in Arizona Highways Magazine in March 2020. Dyana is a Master of the Southwest award winner, Master Signature member of American Women Artists, and a founding member of the Art on the Wild Side art exhibit program at the Phoenix Zoo.

Dyana lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband Randy, daughter Sydney and Jack Russell terrier, Beau. She has a case of incurable wanderlust, and a love affair with God’s creation.

Dyana’s latest book The Art of Wildflowers was recently published by Arizona Highways. You can see more of her work at Bonner David galleries in Scottsdale, and at DyanaHesson.com.