Kwani Povi Winder


Kwani Povi Winder is a young artist with a passion for learning and creating. Her paintings are characterized by vibrant colors and loose impressionistic brushstrokes that work to infuse each piece with life. Her subject matter primarily includes landscapes and Native figures.

Kwani’s work is heavily influenced by being an enrolled member of the Santa Clara Pueblo Tribe. Through her paintings she seeks to preserve, share, and educate about her unique heritage. She seeks to portray each figure with authenticity and to capture the spirit of every individual she paints.

Kwani calls herself a stay-at-home artist. She loves the outdoors and takes every opportunity she can to paint and learn under nature’s canopy. She is constantly searching and studying to identify how light and form create beauty.

Kwani graduated with a BFA in Oil Painting in 2013 from Brigham Young University-Idaho and has been painting full-time ever since. Originally from southeast Idaho, Kwani currently resides in Ogden, Utah with her husband, Dallen, and two daughters. When she is not creating, she spends time with family, reading, and playing piano or viola, and she is always hiking or camping.