Naomi Brown


Once You Let The Desert Into Your Heart It Changes You Forever

Naomi Brown was born in Palm Springs California in 1975. She grew up in Twentynine Palms California. She now resides in Queen Creek Arizona with her husband and children. She has been nationally recognized in competitions. Her work is in private collections and some of her work has toured around the United States. She is a self-taught artist and has been painting for the past 19 years. Her paintings range in size from 5″ x 7″ to 4’ x 6’. She mainly paints with acrylic and oil on canvas and museum board, sometimes painting her gradient sky in with acrylic and using oil to paint in her clouds and foreground. Naomi paints from her heart and childhood experiences of living in the desert.

My influence for my art started back when I was young, growing up in Twentynine Palms California next to Joshua Tree National Park. The simple beauty and amazing colors inspired me to be an artist. I am passionate about the Mojave Desert and its beauty. It has been instilled in my heart and I try to portray my love for the desert through each piece of my work. I want to engage and inspire the viewer and let them feel as though they have walked right into one of my paintings.