Mary Leslie


From the heartland of the Midwest to the rolling hills of northern Georgia to the Sangre de Cristo mountains in Colorado, Mary Leslie’s artistic journey is a tale of rediscovery and passion.

After studying graphic design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Mary began her artistic voyage with a modest mural for a family member. Her talents flourished over two decades, as her murals adorned walls across the South and beyond. Yet, the yearning for greater and more personal artistic expression led her to the world of fine art, her creative haven.

Mary’s connection with domestic animals and wildlife emanates from a lifelong love and reverence for the creatures that share our world. With every brushstroke, she skillfully captures the unspoken emotions of animals, encouraging viewers to ponder the stories that unfold within a horse’s gaze, a fox’s demeanor, or a bear’s contemplative pause.

A recent transplant to the West, Mary has discovered the unmatched beauty of the desert and all the quirky wildlife that call it home. With a self-proclaimed tendency to anthropomorphism, Mary’s work is a conversation between artist and subject as she imagines their day and interactions with the surrounding creatures and flora of their environment.