Georgia Rowswell | Wyoming

“Curiosity, as much as creativity, is the driving force behind my artistic practice. The dangerous beauty of Yellowstone’s prismatic pools, a fragment of an ancient fossil from the Green River Formation, a unique outcropping against the endless Western sky, are just a few of the things that have piqued my curiosity. These encounters with the natural world spark questions. What am I looking at? How did it come about? How can I express what I am seeing and feeling through my art? 

“Curiosity and concern also led me to develop an ecologically friendly technique that I call ‘compressed fabric’. Using discarded clothing and household textiles as my palette, I cut, layer, and adhere strips together, creating rich surfaces that pulsate with movement, color, and texture. Using textiles adds layers of stories both known and unknown to each piece. 

“Curiosity and creativity help us live our best lives. I spread this belief through mentoring other artists, welcoming people into my studio, presenting workshops, and developing collaborative community projects. I can be found doing what I like best at my studio and gallery, Blue Door Arts, in the heart of downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming.”

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