Artists / Oil

Sonja Caywood

Dayton, WY

“Growing up ranching, livestock inspires much of my imagery.  I love to render animals in portrait situations, personifying them in a manner sometimes confrontational, sometimes as a casual conversation or a glimpse into a candid moment.  Creating personality is vital in pulling these beasts from the less personal, “en masse” settings we’re familiar with, allowing viewers to experience a certain “humanity” and connection through the animal’s expression.  I find it magical when someone truly engages with a piece and experiences traits, feelings or attitude I didn’t intend to express as the creator.  It’s as if the painting leaving my studio is only a starting place, as it was meant to grow and become something different to each person, which is as art should be.  I’m blessed to make a living on my art, but I’d paint even if I never made another dime on it.”

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