V…. Vaughan | Texas

lifelong Texan, V…. got her start in commercial art, spending many years as a graphic designer, art director, illustrator, and cartoonist. Today she teaches professional workshops all over America, dragging painters outside before sunrise and keeping them outside until after dark to paint by moonlight! As a plein air painter and Signature Member of American Women Artists, V…. most enjoys location painting.

 “After a lifetime of artmaking, and over 25 years of teaching other artists, I finally learned something about my own work! I look back on my adventure as an artist and clearly see a ‘design’ to my path: I like to work on projects. I began at 18 with a ten-year project about Texas. Then came 20 years in graphic design (years of projects about sports, wildflowers, wildlife, and birds). Then my book, Last Year on the Farm, and all along I was inspired by the American West. It seems that my recent focus on farms and the ‘agrarian’ way has gripped me for the long haul! It has me pondering the many, many ways we are connected to the land and to each other.”


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