Barbara Meikle

New Mexico

My painting style is ‘expressive impressionism.’ It’s impressionistic, but the color heightens that expression. It’s not natural color but emotional color. It’s how I feel about a subject or a place.

Barbara Meikle, a New Mexico native, has lived and painted in Tesuque, New Mexico for almost 30 years, a hop, skip and a jump from Santa Fe. “I’ve been an artist my whole life, driven by my fascination for horses and other animals. I never thought of doing anything else.” Barbara loves to capture the shades and textures of rocky mesas and clay outcroppings with fuchsia, salmon, and amber. In her landscapes and animal paintings, sapphire skies contrast with champagne clouds over piñon-covered hills; bright pink donkeys collide with sage green mustangs.

Barbara earned a degree in painting and printmaking at the University of Denver, working in galleries in New York, Chicago, and Denver before returning to Santa Fe to devote herself to creating her own art. Barbara’s success allows her to give back to the animals she loves so much – she donates to animal shelters and equine rescues in New Mexico and nationally.