Artists / New Mexico

Barbara Meikle

Santa Fe, NM

Barbara Meikle, an Albuquerque native, grew up near the foothills of the Sandia Mountains and riding horses along the Rio Grande.“I’ve been an artist my whole life, driven by my fascination for horses and other animals. I never thought of doing anything else.” Barbara loves to capture rocky mesas and clay outcroppings with fuchsia, salmon, and amber. In her landscapes and animal paintings, sapphire skies contrast with champagne clouds over piñon-covered hills; bright pink donkeys collide with sage green mustangs.

“My painting style is ‘expressive impressionism.’ It’s impressionistic but the color heightens that expression. It’s not natural color but emotional color. It’s how I feel about a subject or a place.” Barbara paints outside as well as in the studio, where she has a view of her corral with live models, and mountains east and west.

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