Artists / Acrylic

Maura Allen

Prescott, AZ

“I’m often asked if the people and places I portray are from a bygone era. ‘This is the West today,’ I say. ‘A place where neighbor helps neighbor, where the work doesn’t end when the sun goes down.’ For two-plus centuries, the West has been revered and romanticized in art and literature, song and cinema. The focus of my work is the West that endures—a blending of the West we live and the West of our imagination. I begin each painting on location, by looking directly into the sun. In my studio, I work on flat, hard surfaces, including wood, glass and steel. Bold forms and iconic silhouettes are the centerpiece, including moments I chronicle at ranches and rodeos. Often I incorporate historic patterns, vintage type, imagery and illustrations into my work—a reminder that our land and lives are rooted in a rich history. Fifth in a family of eight, I grew up in Northern California and now call Prescott, AZ home. With my big family heritage, I’m naturally drawn to ranch families and how traditions are passed from one generation to the next.”

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