Artists / 2018 Cowgirl Up!

Sonja Caywood

As a small girl in the saddle, Sonja (Smith) Caywood would “frame” the landscape & livestock with her hands -many years before she learned it was a composition technique.  Caywood’s ranch-raised upbringing in Montana and Wyoming holds her heart, drives her work ethic and inspires her oil paintings.

Sonja Caywood, "A Colorful Breed", oil on birch panel, 11w x 11h, $900

Sonja Caywood, "Realbird Bucking Stock Pair", oil on linen panel, 7.5w x 10.5h, $950

Sonja Caywood, "Another Aguila Sunrise", oil on canvas, 11w x 9h, $900

Sonja Caywood, "Rabbitbrush Wanderers", oil on linen panel, 13w x 6h, $900

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