Deanne McKeown


“I lived with my family in a remote area of the Pinal Mountains in central Arizona when I was a child – the memories of those early years made an indelible impression. Thus, the deserts and canyons of Arizona have always formed my sense of home. Since moving to Sedona forty-odd years ago, the landscapes and denizens of the high desert have been the inspiration for my art.

“Although my work might be loosely classified as wildlife art, my wild subjects are often metaphors for human thought and behavior, slightly abstracted and often whimsical, reflecting the kinship between us. Very often the subjects of my sculptures are ravens. I am drawn to their intelligence and love of play, and because Sedona is blessed with an abundance of ravens, I am able to study them closely. I love utilizing puns and whimsy in my titles.

“It is with a sense of wonder and pleasure that I realize my work finds homes with people that I may never meet, who will live intimately and connect with some part of the process and thought I experienced while creating each piece.”