Kwani Povi Winder | Utah

Kwani Povi Winder is a young artist whose paintings are characterized by vibrant colors and deep emotions. Born in 1989 and raised in Southeast Idaho. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in Biology intending to go into the medical field. At her father’s unexpected passing, Kwani turned to art to find solace. A few classes shy of her biology degree, Kwani switched majors and later graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a BFA in oil painting in 2013. 

Kwani calls herself a stay-at-home artist. She does almost all her creating with her daughters at her side and actively includes them in her creative process. Kwani desires to show that being an artist and a mother are not mutually exclusive: they enhance and enrich one another. As an avid Plein Air artist, Kwani eagerly takes every chance to paint from life and learn under nature’s canopy. She is constantly searching and studying to identify how light, and form create beauty. 

Kwani explores her Santa Clara Pueblo Tewa heritage through her paintings and seeks to preserve, share, and educate about her heritage as she herself learns more and connects deeper to it. Kwani strives to portray the individuals she paints with light and honor. 

Kwani currently resides in Ogden, Utah with her Husband, two daughters, and dog Kiwi. Her paintings are in museums and collections across the United States and Canada. In addition to painting, Kwani enjoys photography, sculpture, fiber arts, and bookmaking. She is always exploring new mediums and ideas. When she is not artmaking, Kwani spends time with her family camping and hiking, reading, or playing piano and viola. 

Kwani says, “I never set out to be an artist, and I’m still working at it. Every day I try to see more and do more with the gift that I have been given. Art is my solace: the only light I found in a dark time. I seek to bring light into other’s lives through my paintings. How fitting it is that representational art seeks to reveal the color and beauty of light. I am always chasing light.”

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