Artists / 2019 Cowgirl Up! Artists

Rebecca Tobey

Rebecca Tobey began her career as a professional artist almost 30 years ago when she began collaborating with her late husband, Gene Tobey. Working from her imagination and from photographs, she stylizes and modifies imagery to fit the shape and design of each sculpture so that the sculpture itself becomes a three-dimensional canvas. “For years I have been intrigued with the notion that I can sculpt one kind of animal and paint or superimpose a different animal onto the original and create something exciting, interesting and unique. I have always loved adding layers to my work so that the viewer has a chance to discover something as they look at it.” She has begun to incorporate additional layers of sgraffito drawings into the ceramic sculptures, and recently has taken the leap of cutting holes into them to create interesting compositions using negative space. She has recently begun using a surgical scalpel to carve openings into her ceramics, which has allowed her to do delicate carvings that she has never before been able to do. Calling them her “ten blade” ceramics, they have revolutionized her approach to her work.

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